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Are you and your business ready for your future?

You are an entrepreneur owner, CEO or MD running a successful SME business.

You’re ambitious, hungry and ready
to grow, but something’s not quite
right. Things aren’t quite working the
way you want them to. You’re not sure why and you’re not confident what to do next.

It can often be lonely being the
entrepreneur or leader of your
business. You’re always expected
to have all the answers – and
sometimes you just don’t.

Welcome to Sequencx: we are a ‘next generation’ strategic growth agency. Think management consultancy meets digital growth ‘task force’.

We’ll skillfully blend your business structure, processes and planning with a killer growth strategy and our fast moving creative digital capability.

We support ambitious entrepreneur owners, CEOs & MDs of small to medium enterprise (companies with between 30 and 250 staff).

Our only focus is on delivering results you want. However, we can help you achieve them. Whatever it takes.

Imagining new opportunities…
Collaborating for positive impact…
Achieving powerful results…

To arrange a call, book a taster session or attend our next seminar.
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Janet Bacani: